Sunday, September 4, 2016


We keep saying this from year to year, but... really, I can't believe it's October already! Yet, it's still the best, the golden, part of Autumn, -- the time to make the most out of outdoor fun & romance and savor cozy privacy of our homes, to be contemplative, reflective and... crafty!
In this post just pictures [not mine:] on anything i love this Autumn season!

...I am in the mood right now for this kind of scenery! [image via tumblr] The water mirror circled by the thinning forest in ochre tones, and the slightest presence of fog... And, if you look close, there is even a sensation of soft sunshine penetrating from above through the cloudy shroud.

...Delightful time, when you are at home and can do whatever you love! For me, it is reading books and leafing ecstatically through colourful home:garden:cooking:craft mags, painting, crafting, listening to fav music, indulging in food and having at-home spa time for massage and bodycare treats!   [image via tumblr] 

...While the weather is still favourable, it's such a pleasure to hop on a train or set off on a bicycle journey! We are also so much keen to take an intercity bus and go exploring new places! So exciting and romantic, always! [images via tumblr] 

↓ ...sometimes, i like the idea of painting nails in different colours. And if i do this, i stick to not more than two colours, but here every nail is painted differently which looks interesting, too. And, you see the ring? I guess, it's amber, a very Autumn-ish gemstone and one of those i'm feeling my growing interest to! -[image credits:1 + 2 stylemepretty picnic set] uncredited images are via TUMBLR]]

↓ ...Continuing with the theme of amber-like tones... - [image credits:1   2   3]

LEBANESE MOGHLI from ASSIAKITCHEN is tempting to try === ...and, i'm so much in love with this BOUQUET - harmonious colour palette, interesting variety of shapes and just perfect flowers/plants combination!

Now, sharing my bucket list of things I want to do this Autumn:
1. WATCH anything ADRIANO CELENTANO♡, TV series THE TUDORS, my most fav Disney animated series too: SOFIA THE FIRST + TINKERBELL + ALICE IN WONDERLAND - old (1951.) and any modern versions existed.
3. LISTEN to the golden voices of BING CROSBY and SAM BROWNE 

some more inspiration: might like to check out my Autumn collection @ my PINME  There are 374 pins by the moment featuring ideas for a delightful Autumn living: seasonal floral projects, home decor, cooking and crafts, as well as books to read. 
Also, if this is right down your alley, explore lots of unique designs and schemes in my Embroidery & Crochet board - 545 pins by now, constantly updating.

By the way, a song "KAD DODJE OKTOBAR" by a Bosnian singer Hari Varešanović is right to the point with its title saying "When October comes." His another song that i love very much is "KAO DOMINE." Enjoy beautiful music from HARI.MATA.HARI in my YT playlist here.
Have an amazing Autumn! Till the soonest!


  1. Que bonito Post Zara!! Hermosas imágenes!

  2. Gracias Dasha! Sí, la inspiración de temporada es lo que necesitamos!;)