Monday, July 20, 2015

Cheery Cherry Summer

... have just found some cherry tree photos i took this summer when the berries only started giving their first blush. Though the quality is not what i had meant it to be (the pics were taken with a mobile cam), yet the happy summer mood is transmitted anyway... agree? ツ


  1. Dear Zara
    Lush and red and ripe and absolutely the largest berries I've ever seen. I wonder what they are
    and especially how they taste. Juicy and sweet I will say. I love berries. I found one "June berry"
    on a branch. I didn't think it was producing this year and I started pruning it. Oh well. I already
    had thoughts of snow this morning because there is a chill in the air. Only a mountain chill and
    it will be hot by noon. Will you be in a warmer climate this winter?

  2. Dear Manzi, i didn't taste exactly these cherries, but as we were walking back home that day, we bought a big bowl of cherries that were almost black and very sweet!! Now, i'm having a huge delight in raspberries and black mulberries or 'shahtoot'!!! I even forget photographing 'em! ;)) I wish i could share it with you!!
    Well, i guess you'll have your own, may be small but pretty harvest by the season, no? What's ripening now at your garden?
    Oh yes, i do so much hope for a warm winter, and it seems like it will be! ;)
    Hugs to you!!