Monday, August 3, 2015

Soft Moods...

...a very relaxed post for now - just hazy light photographies for a special mood. Today, it's all about being soft & dreamy!
↑ ... i love the mood here - a tranquil, pleasantly fresh morning... in expectation of a new, beautiful day! this photo is by a Russian photographer OLGA MAKAROVA, settling in Italy, Florence. 
↓ ...and these three are from PAPAYA ART lookbook. What a wonderful weekend morning it may be lounging with all these cute stationary and artistic accessories, e.g. working on current exciting projects!
...check their INSTAGRAM too for more inspiration!
...a lovely table setting by BICYCLETTE BOUTIQUE, rustic but  playful and glamorous!
...another way of making rustic so pretty & romantic - lots of charming details! alas, i've lost the sources of these :] of beautiful, unique tablescapes have become of my special interest recently! Each setting is a particular story to run through. The styling here is quite simple as we can see -- it is mostly a flowing textile and tall candles going along so well with the grasses what sets the whole story. PHOTO BY MIESH PHOTOGRAPHY this one too -- a dreamy, succulent styled table with a retro feel. PHOTO VIA TUMBLR
...anything sparkling and glittering is my theme! :D! Taken by a Russian photographer TATYANA PRONINA.
...and the last one in the series showing one of my favourite flowers, lupine! By the way, i love the idea of potting or arranging flowers in water in enamelware. This beautiful photo is by a Lithuanian photographer LORETA JASIUKENIENE from ALL THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS


  1. Preciosas fotografías, con ese aire decadente de finales de verano...
    Unos colores maravillosos!!!


  2. Almost missed this. Such an attractive display of color and all the arrangements
    are soothing. I love that white sweater in the first picture. I'm thinking winter already.
    I love lupines too. My butterfly bush flowers look like lupine flowers and the bush is
    now (finally) covered with purple flowers all buzzing with bees. It works. Hahaha

  3. Gracias, Rachel, por compartir este humor suave conmigo! Abrazos!! :)
    Manzi, thank you for liking! Oh, that's great, may be you could hunt for honey some time soon?! :))Now, let's enjoy the Summer, winter won't skip its turn to be enjoyed either! ;)