Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring is coming..!

Last weekend i was lucky to attend a little Spring Ball in APTEKARSKY OGOROD in Moscow. Don't ask me what i was doing there again! Now, happily back Home! I was told the exhibition would be closed the next day, so i decided not to miss the chance. The weather was cold and windy but, in spite of long standing in a queue (i even caught cold! ...now much better, thanx!;) i could steal a glance of what was going on behind the scenes of Spring!
... though, already past their best, most of the tulips were still glorious!

... i could see many new to me sorts! How do you like these amazing cabbage roses-like tulips with "frosted" edges?!


↑...  and these cream-vanilla tulips, very elegant! Hyacinthuses were splendid too! I loved their not so commonly met deep blue, crispy white and skimmed milk tones. And the double-flowered baby-blue hyacinth in the lower right-hand corner... a little miracle!


↑... unfortunatelly, i didn't have enough time to make notes of sorts names. So, thinking of our future garden, i shall have to find most of these by their images only... Well, that's going to be a real hunt!;)

↑... fascinated by their egg-shaped heads!

↑... like flames of fire!


  1. Have you heard about tulip mania? In 1634–1637 were tulips so expensive that you could buy a house for a one tulip bulb. I'm so happy that those prices are"little bit" lower now. These are so beautiful that I would like to have them all :) <3 I love your photos!

    1. Thanks so much, Teresa!! ...oh really?! Anyway, I always feel I could spend a house-equal ammount on gardening, if not stopped forcibly!:)))