Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Still Life from my terrace...

... just a few still life pictures i took at our terrace last weekend ツ
Well... you already know, iroses. And this time here's my two pleasures in one - a ROSE + my FAV tint of RED! I don't know what the rose name is, but i love her shape, crimped edges and, of course, her cabbage-like middle (i have an enormous love for cabbage roses)!
... i guess, i started reading this book a year ago or so, and am finishing it only now! Often, i find myself reading lots of books at the same time, may be up to 7. Anyone like me?!
I should confess, it doesn't seem to be right thing to do, 'cause i noticed that it's making me feel kinda nervous, e.g. thinking that my reading speed is not that fast as i would like it to be and there are tons of books still unread, and so on...
So... my self-experienced wisdom -- aiming at an insane amount of things simultaneously, does affect the quality of the present moment.
Thus, from now on, stickin' to the 'one book at a time' rule [OK, 2-3 & not more! My word! :]]
... still holding on! ツ Ok, a very good book, by the way, THE GYPSIES & THEIR JOURNEY. Bury me standing by Isabel Fonseca! An interesting collection of documental stories about prominent European Roma people along with excursions on the Romani culture. I can't realize how it could stay this long forgotten, getting dusty on my 'next-to-read' shelf... Setting all right!
By the way, i have found an on-line reading speed tester, here. You are suggested to read a few extracts from some English classics (you choose which one), then press 'stop recording' button and get the results.
I have choosen THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES and my result is 211 words per minute (average speed is considered to be 200 wpm). They say if i read for just 60 minutes a day, i could finish the book... in 2 days?!! Hmm...i really didn't suspect me having a potential like this 0:)
Ok, so, after this, i cannot insist on my slow reading anymore... the fact is that i just like to make little pauses while reading to imagine the described episodes bright and just soak up the beautiful moment. Ultimately... isn't this what we are reading for? ツ


  1. Oh wow! Your roses looks so pretty! I think that I'm slow English reader too.. I just read and jump over and then return back because I just missed something important. But I love to read anyway!

    1. Thank you very much, Teresa! :) Yes, reading is wonderful and so enriching, no matter the pace.ツ