Friday, March 25, 2016

"Kolomna Pastila" Museum

A year ago, we've been to Moscow for a week or so, and also have taken bus tours to a couple of towns that form part of the GOLDEN RING (a ring of pictureqsue towns of historical importance northeast of Moscow, featuring unique Russian architecture of the 12th–18th centuries).
More to be shared later on, and now I'd like to start with some photos from a MUSEUM OF PASTILA in the town of Kolomna that is ab. 100km drive from Moscow.

The factory has been producing pastila  - a natural sweet made of local sour apples with addition of egg whites, honey, fruits and berries purée, since the 18th century, the times of a Russian empress, Catherine the Great.
... Above is a room in a house where the family of the pastila factory founder, merchant, Pyotr Chuprikov lived. Actually, all the family original belongings in good condition are displayed in a spacious room arranged by zones - e.g. a living area, a bedchamber...
Old perfume vials, fancyworks and accessories, they were a part of someone's daily routine..!

... I really think of being back for more pastila! In spite of the fact that we were leaving hands full of paper bags filled with old style gift boxes, so much left untasted. For example, this pink pastila in a paunchy jar (below) flavoured with damascus rose!
... Unfortunatelly, it seems they don't ship to other countries, except... there is a shop in England! Those of us living far from pastila-covered areas; let's simply have a closer look at the sweets at their museum store in Russia, and... plan a trip, why not? Believe me, it is worth the miles!;
At a later time, I will show some pictures I was taking while walking around our most favourite place in Moscow! STAY TUNED! ; And a Happy Easter to everyone who's celebrating❣

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