Monday, March 21, 2016

Interiors with an old-fashioned feel

Well, i'm ready with a new interior inspiration series! I can't believe that only some time ago, old European style might keep me indifferent! Today, i find myself really obsessed with anything Victorian:Edwardian and Steampunk era, the Tudors epoch, and that's not to mention my AngloMania in general! So, now, here's a mix of interiors, more of a classic fusion, where you can feel a breath of good old times!
... i love wood in interior design! No matter whether it is untreated or processed in any way, it always brings sense of soulful warmth and stability. And stripes, they fit perfectly both Oriental and European style!
[left] MARK HAMPTON's GORGEOUS BLUE-YELLOW DINING ROOM. + [?] - dark blue and terracotta for a solemn and near-mystical feeling.
↑ ... love these earthen hues together together with faded greens and berry tones!
↑ ... PHOTOGRAPHY BY THOMAS LOOF. Great idea of painting walls in different colours. I find this to be an excellent option that allows to interprete not only a single one, but different 'stories' at a time connected within one space.
↑ ... PHOTOGRAPHY BY THOMAS LOOF. The way i love it - the more the better!;
... I love old manors and it's always a big spot of attraction to me when travelling.
↑ ... These featured rooms are from a 1700 Swedish house. [found at LANTLIV]


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