Thursday, June 25, 2015

My New African Violets

Recently, i was given a couple of African violets (Saintpaulias) - one has violet flowers and white, slightly ruffled edges (its name sounds like 'Mirror of Fate') and the other is 'Emerald Love' (E. Kolb) -- a chimera African violet with semidouble creamy white flowers and wide green edge. I've been circling around them with my cam quite enough, opting for most advantageous sides & angles for the shoot. So, here they are!
... since i am having my first species already, i am thinking now of arranging a small African Violets Garden with more sorts as a table centerpiece, or spotting 'em in groups somewhere near the windows.
AFRICAN VIOLETS LOVE: small, not tall pots (6-9cm ⌀), good drainage, warmth but not heat (16-21C), bright light but not direct sun rays and moderate watering, as the soil dries up.
AFRICAN VIOLETS DON't LIKE: water spraying when at bloom, draughts.
When necessary, dust from the leaves may be removed with a fine brush, or some say it's ok to gently showering the leaves with a warm water, taking care not to wet the soil as well. If any of you have saintpaulias, please advice what you do for the leaves to stay fresh and shiny? Is it safe watering them or not?

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