Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dried Cherries & Spinach Salad

I was naively thinking to surprise you with this unusual salad but... it's already at MARTHA STEWART. In case it still sounds new to you, have a look at my trial and make a bowl for yourself! I've spotted a version with a goat cheese too, so... experiment and enjoy! :)
As the salad is quite hot, and if you have any problems with your stomach or digestive system, you should better refrain from consuming this. If not, you'll experience an interesting taste and energize yourself quickly with vitamins! 


  1. As I sit here, with my stomach saying, "Feed Me," I look at the luscious pictures of that great salad. It sounds perfect to me. I love hot.... once I get it by the tongue. Hahaha

  2. Parece deliciosa ;)
    Qué aproveche!!!


  3. {Manzanita} - Manzi dear, so agree with you! When it comes to spicy food I am seldom able to behave wise & listen to what my stomach warns me about! :)) The taste of this salad was really interesting!

    {En estado de Rachel} - Gracias, querida Rachel! Ah si, fue sabroso! ;)
    p.s. y el cantante es de Arabia Saudi, se llama Abdelhadi Hussein.
    Glad you loved! :)