Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fash.Inspiration: Forest Hunk

I'd better have come across these images somewhen in the beginning of Autumn, but... better now than never! :) Anyway, thanks to the regular appearance of a cut fir tree in the shots, some pre-Christmas spirit can be felt somehow! Actually, an idea of having a romantic weekend deep in the woods, in an old, woodcutter shack has been on my mind for some time already... - i imagine dense mighty forests of Finland could be a perfect location for this dream of mine! 
...colourful bold knits, fried meat with berries, hot tea steaming from enamel mugs (oh, there'll be Moomins on mine, for sure;), peace instilling smells of pine & fresh wood cuttings, a deep enjoyment of any kind of rustic pleasures at wild nature!  Ok, no more words, just get in the mood with this handsome 'Forest Hunk' from HOWTOSPENDIT!

Styling by Damian Foxe, photography by Diego Merino.


  1. Good one Zara. The wood hunk may live in a cabin in the woods but he has a hair stylist. Look at that perfect pompadour. Oh, those yummy boots. I want a pair. In fact I used to own a pair like that many years ago. I also covet all his jackets and furs, too. You sure know how to pick em. Hahaha

  2. :D yes, his pompadour is at its best! Sincerely, I always thought it's a female hairstyle and referring back to... well, to the century when they were modern! ))
    Boots are great too... they must be very comfortable and maneuver, perfect in such landscapes...Thanks for coming and liking! ;)

  3. Ooo LaLa! I'm a happily married lady but oh my goodness...this is a whole lot of gorgeous! Thank you for the blog suggestion by the way...you're right, I love it!

  4. @ Andrea: :D yeha, he looks appealing! Glad I guessed right! ;)