Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Stapelia Flower

Well, my enigmatic succulent (now I know, it's Stapelia) has blossomed! As you can see, the flower looks like a fantastic movie, e.g. Avatar, decoration, but.., to my big surprise, it has one fault -- ...
... -- it stinks with... rotting meat! In the first few days of its blooming, the smell is quite strong -- you feel it right once you enter the room, then its 'fragrance' wanes. In South African deserts where it naturally occurs, Stapelia uses its distinctive smell to attract flies-pollinators. Though, there are non-smelling sorts too.

Actually, the flower should spread the petals to look like a five-pointed star, but mine prefers to keep them bent on the wrong side. Anyway, I think, it's still a norm.

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