Monday, August 18, 2014

FYUNKA ♥ فيونكة

Get to know my next favourite brand -- FYUNKA (meaning 'bow' in Arabic). It's a Jeddah based fashion line offering lots of eye-catching accessories like bags, pouches, phone cases, pillows, jewelry etc, featuring funny, cartoon-like style characters and designs "influenced by pop culture and inspired by Khaleeji insights." 
↑ ... Oud Bottles Pendants! a smart collaboration with
... charming must-haves! -- nice fabric purse, oud pillows (one cannot have too many!), 
a transparent bag and... a lovely lady sitting on a chair, so cute! :)
... and how do you like these architecture-inspired jewelry pieces? i'm loving all their small geometric details joined together into playful, freestyle shapes...
↑ ... adorable bags and such a lovely Burqa pillow!

Now, all the Fyunka links summary:

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