Tuesday, May 6, 2014

our Hoya!

Well, let me start confessing that I have a Hoyamania! This is our first and only adult hoya plant we're having these days. It has started blooming about a week ago, and what a beautiful scent it spreads throughout the room at nights!
hoya carnosa in our house FUJI FINEPIX S4300

[TIP: DO NOT TOUCH THE HOYA PLANT DURING ITS BLOOMING PERIOD!] -- Hah, that is said specially for me, as I do like to touch flowers petals, leaves & whatever parts i'm curious about! ;D I know, not many plants share my enthusiasm, but thus i feel myself very close to nature, its textures, colours and scents!

I've found some interesting information about hoyas at PLANTCARETODAY that tells: 

... Hoya is native to South India, where it is highly prized, and also found throughout eastern Asia and Australia. Hoya was named in honor of Thomas Hoy, gardener to the Duke of Northumberland, who was the first to bring this superb house plant into prominence.
Other names of hoya are Hindu Rope Plant and Wax Plant. It has been classified botanically in the asclepias (milkweed) family.
The exact number of species is sometimes listed up to 200 or even 300!
Green, rimmed with red or white, leaves are thick and have a waxen texture from which it derives the nick-name “wax plant.”
HOYA LOVES: diffused light . frequent spraying & moderate watering .  

Two more baby hoyas have recently been welcomed into our tropical indoors. One should have tender pink blossoms and the other very similar to edelweiss. I can't wait to seeing them blossom!


  1. Love the new feature idea! I can't wait for more. I had a very large Hoya plant many years ago, the scent was intoxicating. I would love to have one again. They are just beautiful!

    1. Thank you, dear Andrea! :) So, you are well familiar with the hoya's beauty! I wish you luck to have your new one asap! Btw, I'm now eager for hoya caudata: http://srqhoyas.com/CUTTINGS/AF/HoyaCaudataCuttingBrIML1882. Let me know then what sort you will choose! :)

  2. Those are just gorgeous, I don't think I"ve ever seen one and wish I had one in my house!
    xo Mary Jo

    1. Dear Mary Jo, thanks for the response and liking! Yes, hoya is such a beautiful plant that will not call for your constant attention. It can be OK even without being watered for many days... at least, ours once survived almost a month of dryness without any signs of discomfort, while we were away. 0:] There are so many sorts with fantastic flowers, really a lot to choose from!

  3. Zara
    The picture is beautiful. I haven't see one since my mother used to have one in her house years ago. Don't they smell fragrant at night when everyone is asleep or is it the darkness that makes them so fragrant" Actually I had one at the ranch too when it was a bed and breakfast but I had an inn-keeper at that time and I didn't actually live there nor did I care for the plant myself.

    1. Dear Manzi, thanks a lot for the like! I think you are right, hoya becomes especially fragrant when the darkness falls. Hah, new is actually well-forgotten old ;) , so you may give it a chance now..! :)