Thursday, February 2, 2017


Today, i am ready with a little continuation of our Belgrade walking holidays in September. Now, every girl´s fav topic - shopping, and namely i'd like to show some interesting stuff spotted while walking along the historical center of Belgrade.
Also, i want to mention that i had some really tough time passing by so many eye-catching things tempting me from nearly every shopwindow! The good thing is that even inexpensive things in Belgrade, be it clothes, shoes or accessories, do look tasteful! Sincerely, most of stuff in the category had been like this. So, if you want a budget-friendly but smart shopping, welcome to Belgrade!ツ
... i fell in love with this awesome rooster at first glance! Really, i was hardly coaxed to move on from the shopwindow! And though this time a giant art purchase wasn't in our plans, but it is now in my mind to be back for my rooster and take him with me! Please, dear anyone, don't buy it! Let it enliven the street... until i come!😇, in the window of a restaurant (unfortunatelly, i didn't remember the location:(, i was caught by these picturesque dry flower arrangements! Floristics is my big passion, so floral creations wherever displayed always have my attention.ツ
... how beautiful is this collection of shabby chic goodies!? And yes, each time i can reasonably explain why i need pretty every single piece showcased in front of me, and how & where i would use it! At least, "it being another one creative prop" sounds always like a good excuse...ツ
... And this is a gift & souvenir shop on Kneza Mihaila street (or Prince Michael Street) - the city's promenade.  If i am not mistaken, it's on the left side of the street in the direction of Kalemegdan park.
Also, this was a place where i let my admiration for Nikola Tesla go wild! Well, ok... not as wild as i really wished it, but i bought some souvenirs portraying my favourite scientist. And, later on, in a souvenir tent, which are many along Knez Mihailova street, i got a T-shirt with a portrait of Nikola Tesla! A selfie of us both has to happen, no way around it! :))
... you might have spotted this painting in the picture above (next to Nikola Tesla's portrait, in the very bottom of the shopwindow), and here i tried to shoot it close-up. Cartoon style and bright colours of the artwork showing a panorama of Belgrade amazed me!
... also, not far from the souvenir shop, there is an indoor flea market where you can find any kind of treasure imaginable!!
... as you may guess, i am in l💗ve with this painting! Alas, my photography can't show it, but the painting was obviously done in some special technique which my untrained eye couldn't guess... I was captivated by the colours and the incredible lightness of... drawing!;
... the Victorian in me was so excited at the sight of this fine cutlery, vessels, mirrors and purses!!
... there followed a space where antique furniture, lighting and statuettes were displayed for sale.
... always loving antique and vintage lamps; and such wash jug and a bowl is my one little dream!
... [s e c o n d   p i c ] i love this richly framed roses and a striped chair together! such a lovely corner!

↑... as far as my amateur acquaintance with historical design styles may allow me to judge, this curved.... drawer (correct me if this is not quite proper word for it) belongs to Art Nouveau epoch (the topic of my latest and biggest interest, by the by). ツ We spent there some time indulging in contemplation of all that Beauty, but there came a time to continue our walk... 
↕... but, on our way back to the hotel, there was waiting for us, as a little consolation prize -- an  antiquarian shop, located somewhere in the same, Kneza Mihaila street. This prettiest armchair with English-style roses is nothing but a dream! ......... Ok, hope you enjoyed! Now leaving, but I'll be back here soon! 😎


  1. Hola Zara!! woow me encanta amiga todo lo que pusiste
    me faltan ojos para disfrutar de todos ellos,
    me recuerdan a un lugar en Buenos Aires en donde solían
    haber este tipo de casas con todas esas bellezas a la vista
    de cualquier visitante ...Solíamos recorrerlos como parte
    de un paseo los fines de semana, pero lamentablemente fueron fueron desapareciendo en estos últimos años ... quizás producto
    de las crisis económicas por la que pasamos y seguimos pasando
    lamentablemente ....

    Hermoso Post Zara, Gracias por compartirlo.
    Pasa un hermoso Fin de semana. Besossss

    1. Hola Dasha! Uff, parece que he alcanzado a venir por aquí tambien:))Muchas gracias, me agrada mucho que te guste! Pues, si tengas algunas fotos de Buenos Aires, tus lugares favoritos, me gustaría mucho verlo, vale?)
      Oh, es penoso cuando la arquitectura histórica no se pueda estar bien preservada... Vale, esperemos que la crisis pase pronto y a la prosperidad:)

      Que tengas una semana feliz!
      besos y abrazosºxx

  2. Hi ! What a place! I would like to have all of those little treasures. That fish vase is so beautiful and those rococo furnitures! I bet you had a very fun holiday and got lots of souveniers! ♡

    1. Hi Teresa! Yes, that fish was my main focus there!:)) Indeed, we had just a wonderful time in Belgrade! i did some dream buys, and... got consolation prizes too! :D