Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Floral installations : ECO-HOTEL

In October, i happened to be in Moscow for a weekend. And, just by chance, i got to know about a small floral design exhibition that was held in an art space, EXPOSED. It was the last day of the demo when i could get there and the displays had been changed already. Thus, i didn't see these, but what was left for my observation was no less great!
I also enjoyed watching some mood-boards designers presented along with their creations to illustrate where the inspiration had come from.

... Well, how do you find these creations? They all are no doubt eye-catching, but, the last one and a hanging installation in felted cocoons were those i spent my time staying beside the longest...


  1. Dear Zara
    Sorry I missed this...I'm real hit and miss lately. This is really an unusual and exquisite exhibit. All the dried flowers and weeds and antiquey looking things mixed with the modern. I love it. There is an old lamp in the background in one setting. I wish I had that a few weeks ago when we had a violent wind storm and the power was out for 2 days. I scrounged all over to find candles and there was one sitting on my bookshelf, all the while.

    The one setting looks like white cotton rolvigs wound around bunches of slowers. How unusual. Very good choice.
    You were in Moscow again? Are you still in Russia? I thought you left. I want to go to Moscow but that will never happen. I always liked anything Russian. Here I was thinking you are where it is warm and no snow.
    I hope all is well with you and you are finding happiness where ever you are.
    My love to you

  2. PS As I look at the picture again, perhaps I was mistaken about the lamp. Maybe it is just a vase in kind of the shape of a lamp. Hahaha

  3. Thank you, Manzi, dear!! Glad you liked what you see here! You know, this was my first time when i attended a professional floral design exhibition, and though it was really small, but i am glad i decided to visit.

    Oh yes, these are vases that have lamp-like shapes! I like the moments when there is no electricity and the candles lit up! It's something romantic and adventurous... especially, when a storm is raging behind the window! ))

    I came to Moscow for a weekend only, since that time i am back home!)
    If you could travel to Russia (well, never say never!), i'd recommend you St.Petersburg. This is really a majestic city with all its royal architecture and picturesque suburbs! We are thinking to go there for a week some time. Still don't know when exactly though, meanwhile only having this idea...)

    Thanks a lot for your recent e-mail, i will do my best to respond tomorrow!
    Hugs to you!