Friday, September 18, 2015

Decorative Knotted Cord for the Kettle

good evening! ...recently i have made for my chai kettle a pretty and useful accessory - a decorative Chinese knot cord to keep the cap in place when pouring tea into a cup. I mean, please welcome my first DIY project here! ツ
... first, i was sincerely going to set about writing how-to instructions, but... i was quick to realize that it would steal away much more time than i can normally afford now, so i had to give up this time. Meanwhile, i can say that...
... i used 2 soutache cords and one black&silver thread for the weaving. Had fun, enjoyed and eager for more knot tying projects! ツ


  1. Did you tie this beautiful cord? It's amazing. I remember I used to do it with
    a rather large spool that had nails stuck around the opening. I used a crochet
    hook to loop the string.

    How are you as we near this final segment of this year. Very

  2. Thank you, Manzi! Yes, i tied it. And what did you create that time?
    Well, i'm just fine except that me and my cat Mansoor, we both caught a cold, don't know where, when and how!8)) Hot tea with honey is doing me well! Mansour is having its own remedies too! :)