Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gustavian Style House in the South of England

Yes, Swedish Gustavian style is happening to be the order of the day here! Even if this is not your style, this house definitely has a curious story to narrate, a story that is worth listening to! found via here.
I don't know how it feels to reside daily in a space like this, but the more i examine the pictures the more i feel drawn to all the different shadows of whites reigning here  -- from the warm tones of condensed milk to dazzlingness of beaten egg whites, lots of intricate details are curious to look at, and i like how the atmosphere of royalness is harmonized with nostalgic pleasantness of rural manor...


  1. Zara
    I love your descriptions of the white tones. This is something interesting to look at, although I don't think I'd be comfortable living within these walls.
    Love to you

  2. Thank you, my dear Manzi!!! I guess, such interiors are interesting exactly because they are completely different wolrd to us! :)
    If i am not mistaken, this house has been turned to a little inn. Staying there for a weekened would be an interesting cultural experience, i think... :)

    Been missing you much, just didn't want to disturb you knowing you are so busy with your household! How is life in your chicken coop?
    Now heading to your blog! ;)

  3. I love shades of white too. Right now my bedroom is white with shades of cream and tan. Hope all is well with you! I'm finally back blogging again!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  4. Hi, Dear Mary Jo! So happy to see your comment, and know you are back!! I'm just fine, thank you! But still failing with regular blogging, yet my come back is planned on these days! ))
    White & beige is a very soothing and refreshing colour palette! Would love to see some of your fav corners in your room if you'd like to share! ;)

    Take care! and I'll do my best to visit your blog asap!