Tuesday, April 22, 2014


No-Mad? Impossible! Ok, if not actually MAD, but I've gotten really hooked on these stunning textile pieces and accessories from a new line NO-MAD by a creative duo, Anuj Kothari, an engineer from Mumbai ...'with a creative bent of mind', and Valerie Barkowski.
The main vision behind the brand is '97% Indian and... 3% from elsewhere!' ...from around the globe! Elsewhere in this first collection of theirs is definitely Morocco!
And how do you like this colour combo, white & red?
In my imagination I'm vividly feeling my hand caressing these crispy cotton surfaces and... what a magnetizing saturated POPPY RED..! As I look at it, I have a feeling as if diving and dissolving into its Majestic Summer Redness! 'I AM RED', -- an inner impulse to exclaim, quoting the title of an Orhan Pamuk's book...
... very refreshing yet...
... cozy colour scheme!
... I was never a fan of B&W together, considering it too dull and strict even for working spaces, but now...
... i have to admit that NO-MAD could prove the sharp b&w duo is able to give a feeling of elegance and pleasant coziness, and, like we see here, a particular sense of intrigue because of the artfulness of pixel-like embroideries!

... and my wishlist! :)

P.S. I once posted about Valerie Barkowski's Moroccan house Dar Kawa, so you may see it here.


  1. These are so pretty! I love the unusual designs that are modern but reference a global feel. Normally I don't like red, but that pillow is just amazing!
    xo Mary Jo

  2. All so interesting and intriquing. Sometimes I wish I had the money to be extravagant and purchase whatever I had the whim for at the moment and then chuck it when I tire of it. But I can't and also since I was a child of the great depression, frugality must have been born into my soul. I'm sure some witchy keeper of the wealth waved it's magic wand and pronounced all the babies born in 1930 to suffer the pangs of pusillanimity. I would buy a huge Moroccan sofa with large soft pillows of extravagant colors so I could languish about all day and eat bon bons. Well, not my style, the languish and bon bons but the sofa is.
    Good cheers, my deal Zara

    1. Manzi dear, thanks for an interesting commentary! I so agree with what you say! Haha, this is one of my most fav occupations -- indulging in doing nothing, just contemplating & lounging! :))
      Happy Thrusday! I'll write you back soon! Hugs to you!