Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Delicious Autumn Salad

My previous post was meant to provide you with vitamins for the soul, and now it's time to get some real ones! I'd like to share a super satisfying salad recipe that I invented myself a while ago. I called it Khizaan{urdu} = Autumn salad, as it consists of a few fruits and veggies we may find in abundance this season.
The very first time when I did this, by 'mistake' I put, seemingly, way too much ingredients. Believe me, much more than two persons, even with good appetites, could really finish! ツ So, having glanced at a huge bowl in front of us, we supposed to cope with the half and store the rest up for the next time meal.
But, actually, I can't even say we were eating this salad, -- drinking would be the right word, thus juicy it was! We ate everything and didn't get enough!

 BY THE WAY, THIS SALAD CONTRIBUTES TO : beautiful skin and hair /CARROTS/ ; lowering cholesterol level and cleansing of toxins /APPLES/ ; filling your organism with powerful antioxidants /GRAPES/ ; toning up and speeding up metabolism /RUCCOLA/!

* paper background by ENRIQUE FLOURET on FLICKR

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  1. Such a nice combination of ingredients--I can't wait to try it!